UCSB Students Go Xponential

XponentialWorks was pleased to host a diverse group of students and staff from the University ofCalifornia Santa Barbara (UCSB) last Thursday (February21, 2019). During their three-hour visit, XponentialWorks Founder and CEO Avi Reichental demonstrated firsthand how 3D printing, AI and robotics are disrupting not only manufacturing but society as a whole – and how they can play a key role in this revolution while maximizing their career opportunities.

“We live in the most exciting time in recorded human history,” Reichental told the students. “The technology we’re creating today is going to redefine manufacturing and ultimately the relationship between humans and machines. We harvest the upside of disruption and are pleased to have the opportunity to pay it forward by investing in you, the next generation.”

A New Collaboration

The visit represents the beginning of a close collaboration between UCSB and XponentialWorks. The company plans to recruit talented interns from UCSB for a variety of positions, in the hopes that some will stay in the long-term. “It’s win-win,” Reichental quipped,“XponentialWorks needs fresh blood, and this next generation of innovators needs hands-on industry experience.”

Indeed, 3D printing, artificial intelligence and robotics are revolutionizing the manufacturing industry as we know it. For college students who learn skills within these areas, there will be many high-paying, quality jobs that will transform transportation, medicine and medical devices, homes, and all our lives within a highly connected world.

“The university strives to ensure that students are exposed to a wealth of different opportunities,” UCSB EmploymentOutreach Manager Diana Seder told us. “XponentialWorks offers them the chance to apply what they’ve learned in the classroom in a real-world setting. This creates pipelines between students and employment opportunities, and offers enhanced marketability for students who are completing their studies.”

On the flip side, the UCSB collaboration with enable XponentialWorks to gain access to the university’s research labs –because collectively we can achieve goals faster. Indeed, Reichental noted that“…we cannot undertake this journey alone – it takes an ecosystem and a community to support it. We live in a collaborative world in which one plus one can equal magic.”

The students came away from the visit with some important takeaways. Haleigh, who’s working on her Masters inTechnology Management, told us that, “without a business application, a lot of great scientific ideas are lost. The way XponentialWorks works ensures that people working on technological advances aim to specific business goals.”

Reichental summed up the visit as follows: “We are so pleased to be able to show these students that Industry 4.0and exponential technology is all happening right here in Ventura CA. But they also learn that amazing tech isn’t all you need – you need to make sure that business models evolve, too. The best part for me, though, is that I learn too.Younger entrepreneurs teach me how to make new mistakes, and I help them not repeat the mistakes I’ve already made.”

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