On-Demand Topology-Optimization Platform

Paramatters, a provider of autonomous topology-optimization, parts-consolidation and lightweighting software, has released its CogniCAD 2.0 topology-optimization platform both as a cloud-based service and enterprise product. The second-generation CAD-to-CAD generative design and lightweighting tool builds on its cloud-based, cognitive-design computational platform to automatically generate ready-to-print lightweighted structures for aerospace, automotive and other mission-critical applications. It automatically compiles lightweight and metamaterial lattice structures on-demand, based on size, weight, strength, style, materials and cost as specified by designers or engineers.

CogniCAD 2.0 can be accessed via www.paramatters.com as a pay-per-design, cloud-based service, with the company offering several subscription and enterprise-based models, and actively engaging in several complimentary strategic partnerships.

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