The Xponential Works Ecosystem

Guiding the Future of Manufacturing and Connectivity

We are curators of a selectively assembled manufacturing innovation ecosystem, in which our members – early stage and mature companies – partner to collectively harness the upside of disruption from Industry 4.0 and digital transformation. We provide our ecosystem with a unique blend of empowering capabilities and resources that are tailored to the manufacturing sector. 

The XponentialWorks Ecosystem serves as a unique collider, bringing together: 

  • The financing required for big jumps 
  • The exponential technologies and experts to lead your industry
  • The access to entrenched players in global markets

We share the risk, helping you transform your business to harness the upside of disruption. Together we are guiding the future of manufacturing and connectivity.

Our Methodology

In our decades of collective hands-on operating experience building category leaders, growing early-stage companies to convincing scale, overseeing dozens of successful acquisitions and investments, and commercializing hundreds of disruptive new products, we have been privileged to guide many successful teams from idea to product, from product to validation and from validation to commercialization at convincing scale, successfully harvesting and monetizing the upside of exponential-tech disruption.

Over the years, we have sadly seen many well-capitalized early-stage companies with strong IP fail to capture the value they create. That failure was a direct result of inferior business-modeling and undifferentiated go-to-market strategies that too often result in lower valuations, significant continuity risks, and disappointing outcomes.

We have devised our own hands-on process for guiding our portfolio companies. Specifically, we have come to believe that for early-stage companies to attain profitable, convincing scale, they must execute a series of well-defined progressive milestones designed to achieve sustainable growth. These milestones include:

  • Prove: Where the startup makes its first product available to the public. At this stage, the team is seeking customer validation metrics to prove it has developed a convincing user viable product.

  • Nail: The first version of a product that meets the intended use case and is ready to be purchased or used by multiple customers with satisfaction.

  • Scale:The recurring market validation through repeated and expanded sales that a startup must achieve to demonstrate the viability of its business model and validate its product and market fitness.

Our team commits its collective experience, network and resources to help our startups prove, nail, and scale their businesses. Together, we are developing differentiated products, services and platforms, and creating new business models. We also host strategic workshops and powerful networking events led by our team of experienced, successful serial entrepreneurs, advisors, subject matter experts and industry leaders. Our entrepreneurs learn how to soberly meet and successfully conquer the challenges they face. Leveraging our collective wisdom, we wrestle problems to the ground and pivot to new opportunities.

Our disciplined process is grounded in the belief that better questions yield better outcomes, and that in this age and stage, business model innovation is even more important than technological innovation when it comes to placing a company on its rightful, sustainable trajectory of profitable growth.

Our Venture Portfolio

XponentialWorks invests in and mentors startups on a trajectory to disrupt the manufacturing sector and become category leaders.

Our Corporate Partners

XponentialWorks is enabling mid-size manufacturing companies to merge their decades of traditional manufacturing experience with innovative capabilities such as 3D printing, Artificial Intelligence and robotics, transforming them into more competitive, agile players in a world that is increasingly digital. 

Our Innovation Partners        

Through our unique business model, our venture portfolio companies and corporate partners have launched successful, mutually beneficial partnerships that have transformed small, early-stage startups into category leaders, and in turn, transformed outdated manufacturing companies into digital businesses.