About Us

XponentialWorks is a venture investment, corporate advisory and product development company, specializing in Artificial Intelligence, digital manufacturing, 3D printing, robotics, and the digital transformation of traditional businesses. As a curator of leaders in Industry 4.0, we have built a unique ecosystem that unites the forces of early-stage companies with the experience and deep market knowledge of mature companies who are looking for the technologies that the younger companies offer. We mentor and invest in the growth and success of promising early stage companies and act as edge organizations for the benefit of larger, mid-market companies undertaking digital transformation. 

Manufacturing the Future 

We live in a period of unprecedented disruption in which many businesses struggle to access the relevant talent, cope with exponential pace of emerging technologies, and create a corporate culture of agility and innovation required to formulate and implement their digital transformation strategies to compete in Industry 4.0

The guiding principle behind the XponentialWorks model is based on the notion that two types of organizations exist, where each needs the other in order to harness – and in some cases survive – the digital transformation of the manufacturing sector. Early-stage companies in disruptive fields such as additive manufacturing, AI, and robotics need mature companies as their initial customers and partners in market validation and scale. In turn, traditional manufacturers often need to leverage younger, smaller, more agile companies for their disruptive solutions, innovative ideas and engineering talent.

Our Approach

XponentialWorks curates an innovation ecosystem that connects and collides these two types of organizations, leveraging our own industry experience and domain expertise to facilitate results-oriented collaboration. From this collision springs experimentation, proofs-of-concept, pilots and implementation at scale, leading to true digital transformation and Industry 4.0 preparedness. XponentialWorks guides large corporations through their digital transformation and invests early and works closely with early-stage companies to build the next generation of impactful category makers. Our ecosystem includes venture portfolio companies, corporate partners, and innovation partners. We harvest our manufacturing innovation ecosystem through a four-pronged approach:


We actively advise our early-stage companies and provide hands-on operating guidance and services to our venture portfolio. For our corporate partners, we deliver effective hands-on digital transformation and business model innovation services based on our tried and proven edgineering process. We invite mid-market traditional manufacturers into our open innovation model, providing access to sought-after entrepreneurial talent, agile resources, innovative capabilities, and disruptive technology. For our corporate clients, we create a multi-year journey that successfully transitions traditional manufacturers into fully digital platforms. Our strategy is to start at the edge of the company and migrate to the core. We act not as external guides or consultants, rather as an integral part of the organization – delivering actual projects and real transformation.


To deliver monetizable technology and cultural fusion from the edge of a company to its core, we created the XponentialWorks Collider; a combination of state-of-the-art facilities that include our Innovation Labs, domain experts and ecosystems where we pair traditional manufacturing clients – corporate partners – with the leading international early-stage companies who are developing the next generation of Industry 4.0 innovations to transform the manufacturing sector. Within our selectively curated member-based ecosystem, these two types of organizations form mutually beneficial strategic partnerships to co-develop solutions to harness the upside of digital disruption. The early-stage companies help the mature companies digitize, while the mature companies help the young and nimble ones with scaling and valuable market access. By integrating agility and industry expertise to co-develop digital solutions, our Collider forms strategic innovation partnerships with game-changing solutions for the manufacturing sector.

Innovation Labs

Our Collider model is more than a conceptual or virtual collaboration among ecosystem players. It is a hands-on, face-to-face working model, embodied in our headquarters in Southern California where we house our venture portfolio companies. Our state-of-the-art facility is a working laboratory of innovation, beaming with engineers and technologists, innovating and perfecting their hardware and software assets. This physical hub enables our entire ecosystem to collaborate, experiment, develop proofs of concept, and pilot-to-scale solutions. Our facility offers some of the most comprehensive and relevant exponential technologies, where we connect clients with engineers, scientists, labs, equipment and our own domain expertise. 

Our startups act as force multipliers in the digital transformation of our mature-stage clients, allowing them to instantly plug into our network, share costs, and use our experts and labs as a platform to facilitate their transformation. Corporate clients learn how to implement these solutions readily without wasting time or resources because we have all the pieces already in place. You will often find our mid-market partners working side by side with their startup matches, experimenting and customizing solutions to jointly become category makers in their space.