Three 3D-printed coronavirus-fighting products companies are making

Hospitals nationwide do not have enough medical devices and personal protective equipment to keep them safe during the coronavirus pandemic.

However, in the midst of the shortages, many companies are stepping up to the plate to think outside of the box and produce as many PPEs and other necessary products as possible.

Washable, reusable masks

On FOX Business’ “The Claman Countdown” on Tuesday, XponentialWorks founder and CEO Avi Reichental revealed the first-ever 3D-printed, knitted, washable and reusable mask.

The mask is produced by the 3D-knitwear company Variant which typically makes customized sweaters.

“They have created a program that can create this washable, reusable and disinfectable mask, and they are supplying an N95-grade filter [which] can be disposable,” Reichental explained to FOX Business’ Liz Claman.

Reichental said Variant has applied for the U.S. Food and Drug Administration to designate the product as N95 quality.

“We’re very hopeful the FDA can fast-track it because we believe that this could be a game-changer in terms of resupplying hospitals in particular,” Reichental noted.

XponentialWorks plans to provide the software for free on its website so anyone with a 3D-printer can convert their machines and start making these masks.

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