Avi Reichental of XponentialWorks

An exclusive Tech Tribune Q&A with Avi Reichental, the founder, CEO, and chairman of XponentialWorks.

XponentialWorks includes in its ecosystem NEXA3D (Avi as co-founder, CEO, and chairman) and Centaur Analytics (Avi as co-founder and executive chairman), which were honored in our:

Tell us the origin story of XponentialWorks – what problem were you trying to solve and why?

At XponentialWorks, we have created a unique collider environment in which we bring together early stage companies (primarily in generative design, AI, additive manufacturing, robotics, and machine learning) and mid-market companies. We provide both kinds of companies with world-class services around core technologies.

For the mid-market companies, it means they get to have a first look at great new additive and generative technologies sooner. For the early-stage companies, it means they have a chance to gain commercial traction and success much sooner. When these two types of companies work together and generate and collide ideas on a daily basis, magic happens – new capabilities and practical applications emerge. XponentialWorks built this environment to help minimize the risks that come with the usual failures of early stage companies, as 9 out of 10 of them fail within the first few years.

XponentialWorks works alongside companies such as:

  • Nexa3D: breaking traditional industry barriers around size, scale, speed with their disruptive 3D printing
  • NXT Factory: overcoming industry speed and size, and automation barriers while delivering an alternative to traditional injection molding
  • ParaMatters: XponentialWorks’ crown jewel in generative design topology optimization in automated workflow for optimization and simulation.
  • Centaur Analytics: Uses IoT technology and analytics to provide automated grain condition predictions in real time and empowers farmers to increase harvest quality while reducing waste within food supply chains.
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