TechnologyLessons from CES: Where Investors See the Auto Industry Going

Another Consumer Electronics Show has wrapped for the year, and despite the crowds and the headline-making blackout, there are some fascinating takeaways in technology to chew over now that we’re all back home. While new tech from all across the spectrum broke ground at this year’s event, one of the most interesting and worth-the-hype subjects was, and the area that all investors should be eagle-eyed about, was, as I predicted, the technology of autonomous vehicles.

Across a whopping 290,000 net square feet of vehicle tech exhibit space, CES again this year proved that it is on par with the Detroit Auto Show in terms of relevance for automotive technology, and also that when it comes to the way we get around in our cars, the future is limitless, digitally-driven and will soon experience radical and remarkable change. Those of us looking to put our money where the auto industry’s mouth is are paying the most attention to these following developments.

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