Rinspeed Snap concept highlights plastics’ role in future mobility

Swiss-based think tank and mobility visionary Rinspeed AG has created its 24th concept car, and when it comes to plastics, the possibilities seem to “snap” into place.

The Rinspeed Snap, which debuted at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, is founder and CEO Frank Rinderknecht’s answer to the dilemma of short-lived hardware and software and the high durability of a vehicle’s interior and various components. The concept features a high-wear chassis or “skateboard” with fast-aging IT components and a durable passenger safety cell or “pod” that can be snapped into place or used for a stationary experience.

The company suggested its uses when not in ​ motion can include anything from a “variable shopping pod or a spacious camping pod to a cozy cuddling pod,” according to a news release. To this end, the skateboard portion, featuring two steering axles and an integrated electric powertrain supplied by Germany’s ZF Friedrichshafen AG, can be recycled after a few years of intensive use, while the pod is able to remain in service much longer and ultimately connect with an up-to-date skateboard.

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