Sharebot Hamburg grand opening is the opportunity to learn more about 3D printing from executives

Sharebot, an Italy-based company specializing in the development of high-precision 3D printers, is expanding its presence in Germany and western Europe with a new showroom in Hamburg – Sharebot DE.

The grand opening celebration is an opportunity to learn more about the company from a range of 3D printing experts, including Sharebot executives.

In partnership with DMG Dental GmbH, a Hamburg-based medical equipment company, Sharebot DE will host a four-day grand opening event from July 10th – 13th which will include live demonstrations from the full range of Sharebot 3D printers, industry talks from 3D printing specialists, and the chance to meet the Sharebot founders.

What’s on the agenda?

Setting the scene for the additive manufacturing climate, the first day of the Sharebot DE event will feature industry talks detailing Sharebot’s international 3D printing experiences. The talks will be lead by Arturo Donghi, CEO of Sharebot,Andrea Radaelli, President of Sharebot, Filippo Squassoni, Materials Developer at Sharebot, and Dr. Hans Dieter Höhnk, of DMG Dental GmbH.

The second day, also known as “The Big Day”, will feature demonstrations of various materials processed through the range of Sharebot 3D printers. This includes the Sharebot SnowWhite, the professional Direct Laser Sintering (DLS) 3D printer, the Sharebot Antares and Sharebot Rover, both professional resin-based 3D printers, Sharebot QXXL, the industrial 3D printer and several more.

Within the third and final days, 3D applications in dentistry will be highlighted along with the history of Sharebot’s involvement in the automotive sector.

The Sharebot DE grand opening will also feature Q&A sessions which include the Sharebot team as well as 3D printing industry professionals, researchers and university professors who will share their experiences within the additive manufacturing industry.

An Italian cocktail party will also be held on the second day of the Sharebot DE grand opening to bring Italian technological excellence and cuisine together.

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