3D Printing Industry Experts Comment on Impact of Trade War Tariffs on Additive Manufacturing

Today marks the start of US trade tariffs on goods valued at $34 billion worth of imports from China. A list published by the Office of the United States Trade Representative (USTR) details the 818 tariff lines that will be subject to an additional 25% in duty.

China has responded with additional import taxes on US goods valued at a similar amount. 3D Printing Industry contacted resellers, manufacturers and other 3D printing insiders around the world for their thoughts about how the “the biggest trade war in economic history” will impact additive manufacturing.

So are the trade tariffs a threat, opportunity or a distraction?

Michael Petch, 3D Printing Industry: What are your thoughts about the recent tariff announcements?

Avi Reichental, Vice Chairman, DWS, “In a world that is connected economically in which it has been proven conclusively that an unrestricted global economy is good for everybody over a meaningful period, the role of government is to make it safer for business people and entrepreneurs to invest and grow their businesses. All these tariffs become friction in the system that should otherwise compete on its own merits.”

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