Nexa3D Unveils xCE-White for 20X Faster Production of Parts and Injection Molding Tools

  • New photoplastic is Nexa3D’s fastest single cure polymer for heavy duty parts and injection molding tools
  • High flexural strength comparable only to dual cure cyanate ester resins
  • Isotropic properties for automotive, electronics and industrial components

Ventura, CA, September 15, 2020 — Nexa3D, the maker of ultrafast polymer production 3D printers, announced today the immediate availability of a new photoplastic material called xCE-White, a functional polymer for producing end-use plastic parts and injection molding tools in minutes. xCE-White is the fastest single cure material in the company’s portfolio to date, helping deliver 20X productivity increases in AM and boasting high flexural strength comparable only to dual cure cyanate esters. Developed for the company’s NXE400 3D printer, xCE-White can be used to produce isotropic parts that are well suited for a variety of automotive parts, automation and robotic assemblies, and many industrial components at speeds similar to injection molding processes.

10 life-size joysticks printed in 33 minutes or a single a part every 3.3 minutes

To learn more about the powerful combination of NXE400 and xCE-White, check out this media kit and to see it in action, watch this video.

“We are very excited to bring to market our fastest functional photoplastic material yet, underscoring Nexa3D’s commitment to providing our customers with the highest levels of design agility and supply chain resiliency both now and post-Covid-19 that produce functional parts literally within minutes,” said Michele Marchesan, Chief Growth Officer for Nexa3D. “With xCE-White available through our rapidly expanding global reseller network, we are delivering a new performance photoplastic that is ideal for many production parts in addition to being an outstanding injection molding tooling material. Our expanding portfolio of ultrafast stereolithography and laser sintering production printers, coupled with our growing family of high-performance photoplastics and thermoplastics, provides a significant speed and productivity advantage at an attractive cost of ownershi

21 life-size midsoles printed in 48 minutes or a single part every 2.3 minutes

Beyond the impressive speed advantage that is 20X faster, there are many reasons why additive plastics like xCE-White are increasingly in high demand. xCE-White is a lightweight yet sturdy material that comes with inherent functionality designed to withstand load, pressure and temperature. These highly desirable features and attributes are ideal for stationary components like brackets, pulleys, gears, impellers and robotic devices. To learn more on how Nexa3D is unlocking the full potential of series production and faster tooling and prototyping, register for our webinar on Tuesday, Sept. 29, 2020.

The company tested xCE-White extensively in a variety of end uses and found it to exhibit excellent thermal stability, making it an ideal material for many automotive, electronics, and industrial components.  Additionally, xCE-White is used to produce injection molding tools for a wide range of thermoplastic polymers including PP, PE, HDPE and PETG. Molds printed from xCE-White were successfully injected hundreds of times at temperatures between 230°C and 280°C without any visible mold temperature degradation or adhesion, and without the use of any mold release agents. Check out the full performance specification by downloading xCE-White’s TDS. xCE-White is available for immediate delivery by ordering here, or from one of our authorized resellers.

50 life-size venturi tubes printed in 29 minutes or a single a part every 35 seconds

Throughout Covid-19, Nexa3D continues to expand its portfolio of products as well as its partnerships with world class resellers and prominent polymer suppliers. With each portfolio expansion, the company is enabling more customers to strengthen their design agility and supply chain resiliency by compressing their design and manufacturing cycle, effectively reducing the time required to produce functional prototypes and production parts from hours to just minutes.

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Nexa3D makes ultrafast industrial grade polymer 3D printers affordable for professionals and businesses of all sizes. The company’s printers are powered by proprietary Lubricant Sublayer Photo-curing (LSPc) and Quantum Laser Sintering (QLS) technologies that increase print speed and productivity by orders of magnitude. The company’s partnerships with world-class material suppliers unlocks the full potential of supply-chain approved photoplastic and thermoplastic performance polymers that are tailored for faster prototyping and volume production applications. Nexa3D’s end-to-end production solutions and validated workflows reduce 3D printing cycles of functional parts from hours to minutes. To learn more, visit

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