Nexa3D launches post-processing platform for NXE400 SLA 3D printing system

Nexa3D has announced the launch of a post-processing platform to supports its NXE400 stereolithography system.

The xCure post-processing system has been designed to enable ‘optimal curing’ for photopolymer components. It follows significant developments of the materials portfolio that supplements the NXE400 platform throughout 2020, including new ABS and biocompatible materials developed with Henkel.

Nexa3D’s xCure platform is said to enable the delivery of the desired mechanical properties at ‘production scale’, part to part and printer to printer. It is equipped with a large chamber which can process parts at volumes of 16 litres, simultaneously fitting three NXE400 build plates, with parts able to be cured individually. Prescribed post-processing menus help to ensure consistent process controls and workflows, no matter the size or complexity of parts, as well as dimensional accurate, robust structural integrity and stronger molecular structures, per Nexa3D.

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