How 3D Printing Is Fighting Global Warming

Going vegetarian. Conserving energy. Cutting back on plastics. Using a fan instead of an air conditioner. Most of us are well aware of the many simple things we can do to combat climate change. Lesser known are the opportunities offered by 3D printing, which could further reduce our negative impact on the environment.

What does industrial 3D printing have to do with going green? More than you might think. From spinning carbon into concrete to eliminating shipping waste to converting our cars into lighter (read: less gas-guzzling) machines, 3D printing is creating new possibilities for individuals and corporations alike to take control of their eco footprint.

With hurricane season looming, we are about to receive yet another reminder that climate change has tragic consequences. It shouldn’t need repeating, but climate change is real and its threat to humanity is imminent. Glaciers are melting, temperatures are spiking, and for the average residents of planet Earth, as we tape up cardboard to our windows and eye the costs of electrical generators in case our power systems fail yet again, it can feel as if there’s little we can do to help turn the ever-rising tide.

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