Behind the Scenes with Nexa3D, XYZ Printing and Avi Reichental

Avi Reichental must never sleep, given the number and variety of additive manufacturing (AM)/3D printing endeavors with which he is involved. Drawing upon his deep experience in the field, particularly honed during his years as CEO of 3D Systems, Reichental now carries the title of founder, chairman, CEO and/or general partner at such companies as NXT Factory, DWS Systems, Nano Dimension, Xponential Works, the OurCrowd Cognitiv Ventures Fund and Nexa3D, as well as advisor to XYZ Printing.

Recently DE had the chance to hear Reichental’s perspective on the current and near-future state of AM, and particularly to catch up on the joint projects underway at Nexa3D, XYZ Printing and BEGO USA. Nexa3D manufactures a range of “ultra-fast” professional-grade stereolithography printers starting under $20,000; XYZ Printing is a contract manufacturer with more than 35 years of experience; and BEGO USA is a division of a 100-plus-year-old dental material and equipment company.

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