Zinc producer looks to expand with US accelerator

Belgian zinc producer EverZinc has set up a dedicated innovation unit and accelerator to develop new zinc-based products.

EverZinc Digital plans to focus its activities primarily on the development of new rechargeable energy storage solutions, extended-life packaging and coatings. “Our Industry will see more change in the next decade than it has seen in the last century,” said Vincent Dujardin, chief executive of EverZinc. “Now is the time for us to act and go beyond our current portfolio of products and applications to ensure that we can always deliver the best products and services for our customers and future-proof our business.”

EverZinc Digital is formed in collaboration with XponentialWorks, an innovation advisor. It is also setting up the EverZinc Innovation Lab and Accelerator in California using XponentialWorks’ product development methodology, domain experts, digital labs, and expanding ecosystem of early-stage portfolio companies.

With manufacturing operations located in Belgium, the Netherlands, Norway, China, and Malaysia, EverZinc processes more than 180,000 tons of materials of which 40% are recycled and refined at eight production sites to serve its growing global customer base. EverZinc Digital wants to create an ecosystem that allows promising zinc-based startups to use the experience and market knowledge from EverZinc. EverZinc Digital will also act as the digital transformation arm of the company, integrating artificial intelligence, digital manufacturing, 3D printing, material science, nanotechnology, sensoring, and robotics into the company’s operations.

“We are moving quickly to eliminate many of the traditional constraints that most companies face today,” said Vincent. “In addition to speeding up EverZinc’s innovation and application development cycles, the Innovation Lab will spur collaboration with early-stage companies to develop new products, end-uses, and markets. This includes the development of new generations of rechargeable zinc batteries and energy cells to new forms of preservation coatings and extended-life packaging.”

The company is inviting interested startups to join its accelerator, and researchers and industry providers to join its innovation ecosystem by applying at  innovation@everzinc.com.


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