XYZPrinting Continues Strategic Alliance Plans with BEGO and Nexa3D Partnership

Taiwan’s XYZPrinting is one of the runaway success stories in the 3D printing industry. At this years formnext, the company demonstrated an ever-growing portfolio of additive manufacturing technologies – a market that the New Kinpo Group subsidiary only entered in 2013.

XYZprinting launched 5 new 3D printers at the Frankfurt event last week and recently announced partnerships with DWS, Nexa3D and Sicnova.

To this list another partnership can be added, this time between XYZPrinting, Nexa3D and BEGO.

The deal will see BEGO selling Nexa3D’s dental 3D printer. Nexa3D executive Chairman, Avi Reichental, explains, “The BEGO 3D printers that we will jointly bring to market are powered by Nexa3D’s proprietary Lubricant Sublayer Photo-curing (LSPc) technology and a patented structured light matrix capable of reaching top speeds of 1 cm per minute. This can drastically cut down 3D printing cycles, from hours to minutes literally transforming the cycle and economics for the dental industry.”

XYZPrinting will become the sole manufacturer of the Nexa3D dental printer. While BEGO will also market and sell other XYZPrinting products under its label.

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Source: 3D Printing Industry

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