XponentialWorks Launches New Products That Are Reinventing Additive Manufacturing Together With Its Portfolio Companies at Formnext 2019

XponentialWorks’ companies are breaking industry speed, cost and performance barriers, firmly moving 3D printing forward into serial production at scale

FRANKFURT, Germany — (BUSINESS WIRE) — November 12, 2019 — XponentialWorks, a venture, innovation and advisory company that is reinventing additive manufacturing, today announced that it is commercially launching new generative and additive products in partnership with its portfolio companies at Formnext 2019. XponentialWorks plans to demonstrate at Formnext the combined power of its product development and commercialization platform and the impact of its global collaboration and innovation ecosystem that is anchored by the disruptive capabilities of Nexa3DNXT Factory, and ParaMatters.

“Together with our portfolio companies, leading channel and strategic partners, we are commercializing at Formnext category-making generative and additive products that we believe represent orders of magnitude improvement in productivity and cost over the current state of the industry and in doing so we are firmly moving 3D printing forward into serial production at scale,” said Avi Reichental, Founder and Chairman of XponentialWorks. “Jointly, we are reinventing additive manufacturing by reimagining and redefining how matter is compiled at industrial strength. We are encouraged by our progress, grateful for our ecosystem partners and believe that there has never been a better time to be in additive manufacturing.”

XponentialWorks developed an extensive global innovation and commercialization ecosystem of additive manufacturing and exponential tech partners that is anchored by its leading global Additive Collider in Ventura, California. Over the past three years, XponentialWorks has been curating, seeding and scaling a powerful portfolio of tomorrow’s category makers in generative and additive technologies that together are breaking the industry’s speed, cost and performance barriers. The company has also attracted world-class domain experts, leading channel resellers and strategic partners that are jointly targeting and disrupting the $12 trillion manufacturing industry worldwide.

“It’s simply incredible to witness the continuous pilgrimage of marquee customers, blue-chip strategics and tier one resellers to the XponentialWorks Collider in Ventura where Nexa3D is headquartered,” said Izhar Medalsy, Chief Operating Officer, Nexa3D. “Everyone is coming, seeking to collaborate or do business together. We created a collaborative ecosystem that brings real value to each of the portfolio companies. It’s well beyond the power of crowdsourcing innovations; it’s the power of colliding decades of operating experience, deep industry relationships, domain expertise, exponential technologies and business model innovation that created this attractive and compelling force of nature that keeps on amplifying.”

“We are excited to partner with XponentialWorks and be part of this game-changing ecosystem that democratizes production strength design and manufacturing solutions for the German-speaking markets,” said Maximillian Neck, COO, Disc Direct. “After decades of a proven track record in the 2D printing market as a strategic partner to many leading global players, we are making all the necessary investments required to expand our own operations and leverage our decades of logistics and sales experience to deliver the best commercial launch platform for the benefit of our own customers as well as the European hubs for the XponentialWorks customer and partner ecosystem.”

“We are proud to launch our QLS350 Additive Factory at Formnext with XponentialWorks, our investor and strategic ecosystem partner,” said Kuba Graczyk, Founder and CEO of NXT Factory. “Together with our entire XponentialWorks ecosystem, we are creating a new digital manufacturing category with winning products that address our customers’ diverse manufacturing needs, being the first to deliver a fully automated high-speed, lights-out industrial solution. We couldn’t do it without this powerful collaboration, facilities, domain expertise and market access that XponentialWorks provides us every day.”

XponentialWorks portfolio companies are providing live demonstrations throughout the show at booth B21 – Hall 11 in the Frankfurt Messe. Media kit available here. See XponentialWorks in action here.

XponentialWorks portfolio companies plan to launch the following products and services at Formnext:

To further enhance customer success and expand the range of use cases, Nexa3D is unveiling five new materials. These are tailored for higher production performance and greater functionality, including ABS plastics, high temperature plastics, rigid tooling for wind tunnel application and several general-purpose plastics for prototyping, tooling and dental molds and aligners. Nexa3D is also announcing an increase to its build volume of 25% from 16 to 19 liters at speeds of up to 1Z centimeter per minute. The company also plans to showcase full factory automation compatibility that is enabled by its autonomous washing and curing system to make the total cycle time 60X faster for producing functional parts – reducing total cycle times from hours to just minutes. To learn more about Nexa3D’s new products, visit www.nexa3d.comMedia kit available here.

NXT Factory will demonstrate its QLS350 3D production platform with continuous live printing throughout the show. A pioneer in the development of Quantum Laser Sintering (QLS™) for high speed production of thermoplastic parts, NXT Factory is launching its QLS350 3D production platform at Formnext, bringing together new levels of automation and production speed with digital twin predictability and integrated quality sensoring to serial production customers and service providers. To bolster its range of production grade polymers, NXT Factory formed a strategic collaboration with polymer manufacturing leader and innovator Evonik to expand the performance and reach of final-parts applications for customers using the QLS350 system. To learn more about NXT Factory’s new products, visit www.nxtfactory.comMedia kit available here.

ParaMatters is launching at Formnext 2019 its complete end-to-end solution platform, CogniCAD 3.0, featuring expanded one-click generative design for mechanical and thermal applications, new reverse engineering tools, and algorithmically optimized part orientation for additive manufacturing. The release of CogniCAD 3.0 includes many new tools and capabilities including a one-click machine learning-based supports generator for plastics and a print simulator for metals in collaboration with AdditiveLab.

“At ParaMatters, we are building a game-changing collaborative platform that is freeing up talented engineers and creative designers to do their best work and get it done faster by flipping the traditional role between software and engineers throughout the design process,“ said co-founder and CTO of ParaMatters, Michael Bogomolny. “We couldn’t do it without XponentialWorks and the rest of our ecosystem partners who helped us every step of the way by testing, validating and printing our outputs in real time. Thanks to this powerful XponentialWorks ecosystem we are able to demonstrate with confidence how CogniCAD is delivering the very functionality that product companies seek to speed up their design and manufacturing cycles and enhance their products’ performance and differentiation.” To learn more about ParaMatters’ new products, visit www.paramatters.comMedia kit available here.

About XponentialWorks

XponentialWorks built a unique ecosystem that unites the forces of early-stage companies with the experience and deep market knowledge of mature companies. Leveraging its innovation labs campus in Ventura, California, XponentialWorks curates, invests in and guides the growth of some of tomorrow’s most promising category makers and serves as the innovation and transformation arm of mid-market companies. Learn more at www.xponentialworks.com/.

About Nexa3D

Nexa3D makes ultrafast industrial-grade 3D printers affordable for professionals and businesses of all sizes. The company’s printers are powered by proprietary Lubricant Sublayer Photo-curing (LSPc) technology and patented structured light matrix capable of reaching top speeds of 1Z centimeter per minute, drastically reducing 3D printing production cycles of precision functional parts from hours to minutes. To learn more, visit www.nexa3d.com.

About NXT Factory

NXT Factory is pioneering and advancing the development of Quantum Laser Sintering (QLS™), a technology that additively manufactures thermoplastics at convincing speed and scale. The company is commercializing industrial-grade high-speed additive systems with a clear mandate to replace traditional injection molding of plastic parts in serial production. NXT Factory believes that products currently manufactured using injection molding can be produced better, faster and more economically using NXT Factory’s proprietary QLS™ technology.For more information, visit www.NXTFactory.com.

About ParaMatters

ParaMatters is a leading provider of computer-generated design and manufacturing software solutions. The company’s cloud-based cognitive design platform is capable of automatically generating manufacturing ready, high-performance, lightweighted structures for aerospace, automotive, medical, footwear and other mission critical applications. ParaMatters is building the world’s first collaborative platform that is freeing up talented engineers and creative designers to do their best work and get it done faster by flipping the traditional role between software and engineers throughout the design process. For more information, visit www.paramatters.com .


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