XponentialWorks Expands Manufacturing Facility in Ventura and Creates Industry 4.0 Jobs

Establishing Ventura as the new hub for industry 4.0, XponentialWorks doubles size of innovation labs and creates new industry 4.0 jobs. A milestone for the 4-year-old tech hub, a true reason to celebrate.

XponentialWorks is a lot of things: venture investment, corporate advisory and product development company, specializing in artificial intelligence, digital manufacturing, 3D printing, robotics, and the digital transformation of traditional businesses. This description might seem a lot at first glance but whoever knows Avi Reichental, founder, chairman and CEO will say that it is simply obvious.

Back to the Expansion

As XponentialWorks portfolio companies commercialize their products, the new high-tech hub seemed the logical step to enable all companies to generate and ensure new activities with local and regional hardware and software suppliers as well as services and support functions.

Furthermore, an expansion without any economical impact is not a true expansion. Avi R.’s company would create dozens of jobs in the manufacturing 4.0. The portfolio companies, including NXT FactoryNexa3D and Apollo Robotics, will certainly better develop their commercial and manufacturing activities.

Yet given the lack of materials and craftsmanship, these efforts may be in danger. While I understand and support the French government’s commitment to authenticity in restoration, the authenticity of the final product is in no way diminished by the methods or materials employed. For me, when it comes to restoring Notre Dame, the ends truly do justify the means.

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