TechnologyHow IoT and AI Can Create a New Era of Collaboration

In the modern era, many of us communicate through smartphones and ubiquitous connectivity. These technologies have had a profound impact on the way people interact. We are now accustomed to “putting our brains online” wherever we may be, whether that means texting a friend, sharing a photo, answering a work email, or updating our calendar.

The more we use touchscreens and pocketable devices, the more we’ve seen a somewhat counterintuitive shift: It’s easier than ever to communicate across the globe, but the devices we use to do so often isolate us from our immediate surroundings.

However, we shouldn’t blame technology for that. The capabilities and simplicity of modern technology simply exacerbate well-documented human conditional traits. Technology is a kind of catalyst, a Miracle-Gro for our communicative and curious tendencies. Still, many people hope the mainstream technology of the future will allow us to collaborate and interact without having to focus on a device.

While multitouch interfaces are still fairly new and revolutionary, smartphones still employ a somewhat primitive interface. Voice control is (slowly) becoming more helpful, but you still must actively engage your eyes and fingers to get most things done on a phone.

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