ParaMatters generative design software deployed to lightweight Arcimoto electric vehicle parts

Electric vehicle company Arcimoto Inc is working with XponentialWorks and ParaMatters to design and additively manufacture lightweight components for its Fun Utility Vehicle (FUV).

The partners are hoping to achieve reduce costs, improve efficiency and performance and ultimately make the FUV more environmentally friendly.

Deploying ParaMatters’ AI-powered generative design software, a number of components are being redesigned in order to generate alternative parts that carry much of the same performance characteristics but at a lighter weight. This, it is believed, will enable Arcimoto to swap out the heavier, existing components and enable the FUC to drive farther distances on a single charge, see improvements to its acceleration and deliver better handling.

So far, the partners have identified multiple components from which benefits can be derived from their lightweighting. Among these parts are the rear swing arm, which has been lightweighted by up to 34%; the brake pedal, lightweighted up to 49%; and the upper control arm lightweighted up to 52%. The entire redesign of these parts, from concept to printed component, is said to have taken no more than four weeks.

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