ParaMatters Expands Its Generative Design and Manufacturing Cloud Solutions with the Launch of CogniCAD 3.0 at Formnext 2019

  • Doubling Computational Speed for Higher Resolution Designs and Simulation
  • Adding Automated Reverse Engineering Including Mesh Healing
  • Launching Support Generator and Print Orientation Workflow Productivity Tools
  • Introducing Additive Metal Print Simulator Powered by AdditiveLab

FRANKFURT, Germany — (BUSINESS WIRE) — November 12, 2019 — ParaMatters, a leading provider of computer-generated design and manufacturing software solutions, today announced it will launch at Formnext 2019 its complete end-to-end solution platform, CogniCAD 3.0, featuring expanded one-click generative design for mechanical and thermal applications, new reverse engineering tools, and algorithmically optimized part orientation for additive manufacturing. The release of CogniCAD 3.0 includes many new tools and capabilities, including a one-click machine learning-based supports generator for plastics and a print simulator for metals.

“At ParaMatters, we are building a game-changing collaborative platform that is freeing up talented engineers and creative designers to do their best work and get it done faster by flipping the traditional role between software and engineers throughout the design process,“ said co-founder and CTO of ParaMatters, Michael Bogomolny. “At Formnext, we are showcasing how CogniCAD is delivering the very functionality that product companies seek to speed up their design and manufacturing cycles and enhance their products’ performance and differentiation.”

The CogniCAD platform is already in active customer use around the world and has received rave reviews and accolades from dozens of users. ParaMatters is available through 15 world-class resellers that the company partnered with globally and also online. Interested customers, strategic partners, and interested resellers are invited to visit ParaMatters at the XponentialWorks booth, B21 – Hall 11 in the Frankfurt Messe. Media kit available here. Come see for yourself.

“When designing things for additive manufacturing, conventional computer-aided design software is deficient,” said Andrew Swanson at Sandia National Labs. “By using CogniCAD though, I found that creating high performance parts optimized for additive manufacturing was easy. The results are always smooth, continuous, and ready for printing which greatly reduces product development time and effort. Out of all the generative design software I have tried, nothing else has come close to the performance of CogniCAD because it is truly a game-changer. Along with the exceptional customer service, this would be my number-one recommendation to anyone looking to get into generative design!”

“We have tested different generative design tools in order to take advantage of all the design freedom that additive manufacturing allows you,” said Sandra García, Global R&D Engineer, ArcelorMittal. “To date, ParaMatters has provided the best results, obtaining lightweighted parts with improved mechanical properties. In addition, ParaMatters has produced the most high-quality geometries which are almost directly 3D printable, reducing the post-processing time and allowing us to satisfy all the boundary conditions. We are very pleased with this software and all the support we have received, and we are really looking forward to see all the new updates.”

CogniCAD 3.0 starts with one-click computer-generated design, or automated reverse engineering. Now users can also ask the platform to discover the most optimal print orientation for their geometry and algorithmically generated support structures – both automatically as a one-click solution and by simulating the manufacturing metal AM process before actual manufacturing to identify process failures before production occurs. Engineers, designers, and manufacturers now have a powerful combination of tools offering high quality automated end-to-end solutions to effectively produce new products at new levels of productivity.

Throughout Formnext the company plans to provide live demonstrations of CogniCAD 3.0 key features:

  • Mechanical Topology Optimization –Enhanced design capabilities that consider statics, vibrations, and includes more robust features compared to the previous version.
  • Heat Conduction Topology Optimization –For the design of passive cooling devices, like sink structures for electronics, automotive, aerospace, and other applications. This capability paves a way for future multi-physics generative design.
  • Reverse Engineering – Includes mesh healing and conversion to solid CAD models.
  • Design of Supports Structures and Optimization of Print Orientation – Novel proprietary machine learning-based approach to fully automate design supports structures and find optimal 3D build orientation.
  • Metal AM Simulation –Finite-element simulation of metal additive manufacturing process, powered by software partner AdditiveLab.

CogniCAD 3.0 features a new vibration load optimization to control structural frequency. Doubling its computational speed in high resolution, CogniCAD 3.0 provides enhanced output quality with robustness for geometry imperfections. It enables healing of imported/scanned mesh in STL/PLY and delivers fully automated conversion of healed mesh to solid CAD models exported to STEP. CogniCAD 3.0 provides one-click design for supports structures and automated optimization of build orientation based on machine learning algorithms. The company is also introducing metal AM simulations that are powered by AdditiveLab, a new tool that helps manufacturers analyze and optimize their metal manufacturing processes.

About ParaMatters

ParaMatters is a leading provider of computer-generated design and manufacturing software solutions. The company’s cloud-based cognitive design platform is capable of automatically generating manufacturing-ready, high-performance, lightweighted structures for aerospace, automotive, medical, footwear, and other mission critical applications. ParaMatters is building the world’s first collaborative platform that is freeing up talented engineers and creative designers to do their best work and get it done faster by flipping the traditional role between software and engineers throughout the design process. ParaMatters is making humans and machine design more collaborative and automated to generate higher quality, optimized designs and manufactured structures faster and better. For more information, visit


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