ParaMatters announces generative design software upgrade

ParaMatters has announced the release of CogniCAD 2.1, an upgrade of its cloud-based generative design software platform.

CogniCAD 2.1 works to find the ideal orientation for additive manufacturing, reducing the volume of support structure required while highlighting area which require greater reinforcement. It considers stresses, stiffness, and deformation constraints, and the platform also offers a range of loading constraints, including thermal loads as a beta release. Other beta features include design for additive manufacturing and investment casting functions.

Users can benefit from these features by importing CAD files into the programme, before defining load and design criteria. Generative designs will be formulated within minutes, ready to be 3D printed in STL and STEP formats. The update introduces 2x calculation speedup and enables users to select their desired balance between resolution and speed of calculations. ParaMatters also say a series of glitches in the system have been ironed out.

Now, the company believes users of the software have a tool that enables them to get what they want out of parts in a timely and efficient manner.

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