NXT Factory Brings Its Quantum-Laser-Sintering Production Platform to Formnext 2018

  • Polyamide-based additive molding at injection production scale and quality
  • Up to 4X speed of traditional laser sintering, comparable to Jet Fusion

Frankfurt, Germany, Nov. 12, 2018— NXT Factory, a pioneer in the development of Quantum Laser Sintering (QLS™) today announced that it plans to unveil two new 3D production platforms for additive molding at Formnext 2018. The company plans to demonstrate how its new printer is delivering a polyamide-based scalable alternative to traditional injection molding with full Industry 4.0 capabilities.

The company is unveiling two models at Formnext 2018 that are slated for early access to customers during the first half of 2019. Priced at $80,000, the QLS-250 can deliver twice the print speed of traditional laser sintering systems and comes with a removable build chamber for independently controlled cool down. The QLS-350 can deliver 4X the print speed of traditional laser sintering and a comparable print speed to Multi-Jet Fusion printers and is priced at $120,000. The QLS-350 is equipped with an autonomously guided build chamber for fully automated, 24/7 operation. See the QLS 350 in action here.

NXT Factory plans to demonstrate its QLS-350 3D production platform at the XponentialWorks booth, B01 – Hall 3 in the Frankfurt Messe. NXT Factory invites industry practitioners, qualified resellers and strategic partners to visit and witness first-hand the power and potential of this new class of production printers. Media kit available here.

“We are excited to showcase our first 3D production platform at Formnext 2018,” said Jakub (Kuba) Graczyk, Co-founder and CEO, NXT Factory. “While today’s laser sintering systems are recognized for their production-grade thermoplastic properties, we find them to be too slow,” continued Graczyk. “Recognizing this opportunity, we are pulling out all the stops to ensure that our first two 3D production systems – the QLS 250 and QLS 350 – are both cognitive and connected, harnessing fundamental Industry 4.0 capabilities such as big data, cloud computing and sensoring.”

“We are developing proprietary deep-learning algorithms to make real-time predictive and prescriptive choices that are designed to optimize the build performance and deliver the best available parameters,” said Tomasz Cieszyński, Co-founder and CTO, NXT Factory. “It’s like cognitive mold-flow for injection molding, but designed specifically for real-time, free-form additive manufacturing.”

“We are in good company,” said Avi Reichental, Co-founder and Executive Chairman of NXT Factory. “Offering a real tool-less, scalable alternative to traditional injection molding is a blue ocean opportunity that traditional laser sintering and filament extrusion technologies can’t effectively address. The immediate success of new additive technologies like Multi-Jet Fusion bodes well for our QLS™ system as the next step in additive manufacturing of thermoplastics at production speed and scale.”

About NXT Factory
NXT Factory is pioneering the development of Quantum Laser Sintering (QLS™) technology that additively manufactures thermoplastics at convincing speed and scale. The company is leveraging this technology into its first industrial-grade high-speed additive manufacturing systems with a clear mandate to replace traditional injection molding of plastic parts at scale. NXT Factory believes that products currently manufactured using injection molding can be produced better, faster and cheaper with NXT Factory’s proprietary QLS™ technology. Our purpose is to accelerate the transition of additive manufacturing from rapid prototyping to industrial strength. We stand on the shoulders of the greatest men and women whom have successfully pioneered additive manufacturing as we know it today and honor them by multiplexing their teachings into an exponential additive technology that is simply unstoppable. For more information, visit www.NXTFactory.com.

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