Nexa3D unveils virtual exhibition booth to enable industry-wide access to latest 3D printing technology

  • Nexa3D’s RAPID +TCT virtual exhibition booth is part of an ecosystem of recordings and virtual experiences, allowing everyone to experience the technology for themselves
  • The booth features the company’s end-to-end 3D printing validated workflow
  • Visitors can see sample parts and learn about Nexa3D’s range of 3D printing solutions

VENTURA, CA, October 13, 2021Nexa3D, the maker of ultrafast polymer 3D printers, has today announced that its end-to-end 3D printing validated workflow, launched at RAPID + TCT 2021, can be viewed on its virtual exhibition booth.

Visitors to the online experience will discover first-hand the speed, innovation, and productivity that Nexa3D’s equipment can bring.

The range of technology on display includes the company’s QLS 350 ultrafast thermoplastic 3D printer, alongside a range of aerospace, automotive, and general production applications and parts. Able to function at higher operating temperatures and using broader powder processing windows, the QLS350 can process a wide range of aerospace and automotive approved polyamide powders, including PA12 and PA6-6, and is ideal for volume production.

Online visitors also have the chance to see the NXD 200 and NXE 400, featuring 8.5-liter and 16-liter build volumes, respectively. The NXD 200 is an ultrafast dental production system with intelligent optimization and is featured alongside a range of sample dental prints, including bridges, crowns, arches, guides, and trays.

The company’s xCURE and xWASH products, which provide post-print curing and washing to improve part strength and provide consistent mechanical performance, complete the end-to-end workflow display. Overall, Nexa3D’s printers boast productivity rates up to 20 times faster than competing systems.

Also on the stand is the Arcimoto ultra-efficient electric vehicle, which is used in California, Oregon, Washington, and Florida for delivery, emergency response, and leisure purposes. It features multiple parts created in collaboration with Nexa3D, including the hand grips, coolant container, mirror, and windshield fluid funnel, further demonstrating the industrial-grade capability of Nexa3D’s portfolio.

“Lights out production using 3D printing was fiction a few years ago. Ultrafast printing in dental environments was fiction a few years ago. Ultra-efficient electric vehicles with high-volume 3D printed parts were fiction a few years ago,” said Avi Reichental, co-founder and CEO of Nexa3D. “We aren’t just making machines that print parts here, we are making machines that print the future.

“Normally, the place for 3D printing professionals and the wider manufacturing industry to find out about this future is the real-world RAPID + TCT event,” continued Reichental. “But attending an exhibition is no longer easy, so our virtual booth, and the organization’s eco-system of on-demand video, means that the groundbreaking product announcements from the event and the industry’s most respected experts can be accessed from anywhere. You can still see the future, but virtually, and this isn’t a luxury in 2021. It’s vital.”

Nexa3D fans can visit the virtual exhibition booth on the company’s website, via its content portal, where you can also subscribe to its industry magazine, The Nexa Level.

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