Nexa3D to unlock key to 3D printing productivity at RAPID + TCT 2021

  • See first-hand how you can benefit from Nexa3D’s end-to-end validated workflows
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VENTURA, CA, August, 2021Nexa3D, the maker of ultrafast polymer 3D printers, has today announced that it will showcase its end to end 3D printing validated workflow for the first time at RAPID + TCT 2021. At the event, from September 13 to 15 at McCormick Place, Chicago, IL, attendees can experience first-hand the speed, innovation, and productivity that Nexa3D’s equipment can bring. Visitors to the booth will be the first to find out about the latest product launches and collaborations enabling Nexa3D to bring sustainable, ultrafast equipment and services to the industry. Visitors can find Nexa3D on booth E7428.

The booth will feature Nexa3D’s end to end validated workflow for the first time, following the recent release of the xWASH automated washer. Visitors can learn the benefits of applying the full range of equipment that makes up Nexa3D’s end-to-end solution for industrial as well as for dental and health applications. The booth will feature the ultrafast NXE400 photoplastic 3D printer that offers 20X productivity and the NXD200 dental 3D printer, alongside post processing equipment such as the xCURE, xCLEAN. The company also plan to feature its ultrafast thermoplastic production system the QLS350. This new powder bed production system is based on the company’s proprietary multi-laser-printing and autonomous print chamber that together enable users to have lights-out 24/7 operations at Industry 4.0 capabilities. Designed for higher operating temperatures and broader powder processing windows, the QLS350 can readily process a wide range of supply-chain approved polyamide powders including PA12, and PA6-6 taking Selective Laser Sintering from prototyping parts to economically serialize production performance and volumes.

Nexa3D plans to showcase the combined impact and power of its partnerships with leading material suppliers and software partners and show how these collaborations serve as a force multiplier to deliver end to end production systems for the benefit of manufacturing companies around the globe. The company will showcase its rapidly expanding library of functional materials as well as selected  customer production applications, such as its lightweighted Fun Utility Vehicle (FUV) vehicle project with Arcimoto.

“Collaboration is key to bringing 3D printing onto the production floor on a wide scale. So, as well as our equipment, our booth at RAPID + TCT will feature some of our valued partners and customers,” explained Avi Reichental, co-founder and CEO of Nexa3D. “One exciting premiere will be the result of a recent partnership with French medical device company WeMed — a revolutionary telemedicine device that fully leverages the power and speed of our ultrafast production systems. We continue to believe that together everyone wins and in line with that plan to announce several new collaborations and partnerships during the show”.

RAPID + TCT is a vital meeting place for both 3D printing professionals and the wider manufacturing industry, where attendees are empowered and inspired by an industry that continues to conceive, test, improve and innovate. Known worldwide as North America’s most important and largest additive manufacturing event, RAPID + TCT provides everything attendees need to know about the latest 3D technologies, all under one roof. It is where you will witness groundbreaking product announcements, experience 200+ hands-on exhibits, learn real-world additive manufacturing solutions from the industry’s most respected experts and network with thousands of industry peers.

Nexa3D is growing quickly and looking for kindred spirits that are passionate about making products and the world we live in better. If you are as passionate as we are about making better, making faster and making good sustainably we invite you to join us and achieve the best work of your professional career with us.

About Nexa3D

Nexa3D is passionate about digitizing supply chain sustainably. The company makes ultrafast polymer 3D printers, that deliver 20X productivity advantage, affordable for professionals and businesses of all sizes. The company partners with world-class material suppliers to unlock the full potential of additively manufactured polymers for volume production. The company makes automated software tools that optimize the entire production cycle using process interplay algorithms that ensure part performance and production consistency, while reducing waste, energy and carbon footprints. For more information, please visit

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