Nexa3D Launches Ximplify Automated 3D Printing Selector and Design Optimizer, Powered by CASTOR

  • Accelerates the ability of designers and manufacturers to adopt additive manufacturing using automated decision support tools
  • Combines process and geometry algorithms to identify, select and optimize tooled plastic parts for additive polymer production
  • Reduces the cost, risk and lead-time required to successfully implement 3D printing for series production applications

VENTURA, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Nexa3D, the maker of ultrafast polymer production 3D printers, announced today the immediate availability of Ximplify™, an automated 3D printing decision support portal powered by CASTOR that accelerates the ability of designers and manufacturers to adopt additive manufacturing at scale. Ximplify is part of Nexa3D’s expanding digital twin software platform NexaX, combining process and geometry algorithms and end-to-end validated workflows to identify, select and optimize tooled plastic parts and assembly candidates that are suitable for polymer additive production. Ximplify is CAD agnostic and can scan through a complete list of materials comprising of thousands of parts in minutes, selecting the ideal candidates for additive manufacturing. In addition to analyzing parts for ideal process, Ximplify will recommend the best 3D printer and material to maximize performance and provide full part cost and return on investment analysis. At the conclusion of each session, Ximplify generates an automatic report to support the entire decision making and implementation process.

To learn more about Ximplify, check out this media kit and watch this video, or check out Ximplify at our Nexa3D’s Virtual Booth as part Formnext 2020. To obtain your free pass, click here.

“We are excited to partner with CASTOR, a leading decision support software provider, to deliver orders of magnitude productivity and cost advantages to companies seeking to simplify their supply chain by quickly identifying opportunities to migrate tooled plastic parts to just-in-time, on-site and on-demand additive polymer production,” said Avi Reichental, Co-founder, Chairman and CEO of Nexa3D. “Nexa3D is a firm believer in the power of collaborations as force multipliers to democratize access to additive polymer production at scale, and we are very excited to add CASTOR to our growing list of outstanding industry partners.”

“We are thrilled to partner with Nexa3D and combine the power of our decision support software capabilities with Nexa3D’s digital twin software platform for the benefit of designers and engineers seeking to accelerate their additive manufacturing learning curve, and de-risk migration from tooled parts to digital parts with all the benefits of digital inventory,” said Omer Blaier, Co-founder and CEO of CASTOR.

“Since its inception, CASTOR’s mission is to simplify and demystify the process and knowledge required for product companies to digitize their supply-chain by harvesting the advantages of additive manufacturing. In that respect, we see Nexa3D as a company with similar interests and values, and together we are taking another step towards digitizing the world’s supply chain sustainably.”

Ximplify is scalable, economical and available for immediate use on the Nexa3D website, providing end-to-end 3D printing decision support and simulation capabilities including:

  • Fast identification of tooled plastic parts candidates for 3D printing
  • Immediate opportunities to reduce assembly complexity through effective part consolidation
  • Comprehensive analysis of tooled plastic parts printability with recommended print process
  • Recommended additive polymer based on desired mechanical performance and cost targets
  • Part cost estimator that takes into consideration end-to-end printer productivity and production yields
  • Comprehensive ROI calculator factoring the entire investment to migrate from tooled to digital production

As part of Nexa3D’s Digital Twin Printing (DTP) software NexaX, Ximplify combines process interplay algorithms that ensure part performance and production consistency and higher yields while minimizing material usage and waste, and reducing energy consumption per part.

About Nexa3D

Nexa3D is digitizing the world’s supply chain sustainably. The company makes ultrafast industrial grade polymer 3D printers affordable for professionals and businesses of all sizes. The company’s photoplastic printers are powered by its proprietary Lubricant Sublayer Photo-curing (LSPc) while its thermoplastic printers are powered by Quantum Laser Sintering (QLS), both of which increase print speed and productivity by orders of magnitude. The company’s partnerships with world-class material suppliers unlock the full potential of supply-chain approved polymers that are tailored for faster production at scale. Nexa3D’s Digital Twin Printing (DTP) software optimizes the entire additive production cycle through process interplay algorithms to ensure part performance and production consistency delivering higher yields while minimizing material usage and waste to reduce energy and carbon footprints. To learn more, visit


CASTOR is a decision support software which helps manufacturers to reduce the risks and accelerate the process of identifying opportunities for using industrial 3D printing. The software conducts CAD file analysis resulting in an automatic report on a part-by-part basis which includes feedback whether it is beneficial to use 3D printing, or not. The report also includes a recommendation on the most suitable technology and material for the 3D printing while maintaining the system requirements. It estimates the cost and lead-time and connects the manufacturer to a service bureau which can print and supply the part according to the requirements. To learn more, visit


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