Nexa3D Expands Ultrafast 3D Printing Accessibility With XiP Desktop 3D Printer

  • First desktop product in Nexa3D’s growing range will help businesses bring ideas to life faster
  • Smaller footprint and affordable price point improve accessibility to ultrafast LSPc technology
  • XiP has a straightforward workflow and rugged, yet modular, design for usability, serviceability, and upgradability
  • Shipping in Q2 2022

RANKFURT, Germany–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Nexa3D, the maker of ultrafast polymer 3D printers, today announced the XiP™, the company’s first desktop 3D printer, as well as a new business head for the desktop segment.

Introducing the XiP

The XiP desktop 3D printer joins the industrial NXE 400 and dental-focused NXD 200 in offering unprecedented speeds based on Nexa3D’s proprietary lubricant sublayer photo-curing (LSPc) technology. LSPc technology affords up to 20x productivity over competing SLA and DLP 3D printing offerings available on the market today. Taking that power to the desktop opens up high-speed, high-precision polymer 3D printing at a smaller footprint and more accessible price point.

“We wanted to make ultrafast 3D printing available and accessible to every business that could benefit,” said Avi Reichental, CEO, Chairman, and Co-Founder of Nexa3D. “The XiP will allow a wide range of users to create at the speed of thought — turning their ideas into products more quickly. We envision a world where all businesses can have a prototype product in their hand in the space of one day, while working sustainably, safely and responsibly.”

The new desktop system offers a rugged, aluminum construction with notable technical specifications including:

  • Large build volume: 190 x 120 x 170 mm
  • 3.8 liters print volume
  • High-resolution, monochrome 9.3” LCD screen
  • 4K STD resolution, upgradeable to 6-8K when available
  • 52 µm STD pixel size, upgradeable to 25 µm when available
  • 50 µm / 100 µm / 200 µm layer thickness

Further differentiating features include a Smart Resin Cartridge and Toolless Vat System. Smart feed resin delivery relies on gravity to enable touch-free material loading and intelligent polymer levels in the vat, ensuring a constant level for greater print optimization. The system allows for large builds of up to 1.3 kg to be continuously made without interruption. The toolless vat system clamps into place with electromagnets, simplifying and speeding up material changeover. Vat life extends to 50,000 layers with Nexa3D’s Everlast Interface. When not being used in printing, vats stack in a UV-blocking storage system extending the useful life of resins and preventing spills.

An open materials platform using a smart resin cartridge adds endless possibilities and ease of use. Smart cartridges can be quickly, easily, and safely loaded and unloaded, even during a live print. The XiP recognizes the cartridge, with smart capabilities automatically authenticating and checking compatibility with the current build, as well as monitoring shelf life and quantity. Materials immediately available for use with the XiP include:

  • General purpose (Draft, White, Gray, Black, Clear)
  • Polypropylene-like
  • ABS-like
  • PEEK-like
  • Elastomeric
  • Dental (Model, Splint, Surgical Guide, Impression Tray)

“We’re familiar with the challenges of today’s 3D printing workflows and invested time, energy and expertise into removing every possible pain point,” added Reichental. “Alongside its productivity and safety benefits, the XiP delivers a quick return on investment, low total cost of ownership and has a rugged aluminum design that is ideal for a busy commercial environment. We’ve considered that a 20x faster printer can be used 20x more, and have designed the machine to withstand the extra wear and tear that accompanies so much printing.”

Investing in Desktop 3D Printing

Underscoring the significance of this expansion to its technology and product portfolio, Nexa3D is also introducing a new business head with the hire of industry expert Michael Currie.

Currie brings with him a wealth of Industry 4.0 experience, including executive leadership tenures at Oracle, HubSpot, Formlabs, and most recently Gecko Robotics. He has successfully led growing sales teams in the 3D printing and other high-tech spaces to reach double-digit growth goals, establishing strong cultures of success. His unique experience in and understanding of the market make him an ideal addition to the Nexa3D team and set to focus on the desktop 3D printing business.

“Nexa3D launched the XiP to gift its users more time,” said Mike Currie, General Manager of Desktop at Nexa3D. “The XiP unites multiple innovations into a desktop package to radically transform how fast additive parts can be made. With XiP, you will see your parts come alive in real time, with zero sacrifices in quality.”

Currie and the expert engineering team are introducing the XiP together with a full automated desktop ecosystem and workflow. An all-in-one wash and cure system with xCLEAN detergent ensures safer handling and greater savings for end-to-end desktop 3D printing success.

The XiP can accelerate time to market, shorten supply chains, and reduce carbon footprint, applicable from prototyping to production to digital inventory solutions. Targeted markets include automotive, medical, dental, aerospace and defense, consumer products, and industrial products.

Learn more about the XiP and entire Nexa3D portfolio at Formnext, November 16 to 19, where Nexa3D will be exhibiting in Hall 12.0, booth E01.

Join the waitlist for XiP at nexa3d.comto be the first to order when units become available in Q2 2022. The full media kit offers more product details.

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