Nexa3D Brings Its Entire Suite of Ultrafast Additive Manufacturing Solutions to TCT Asia

Pioneer of ultrafast 3D printing technology, Nexa3D, is attending TCT Asia to launch a new class of polymers for additive manufacturing (AM) and showcase its industrial production 3D printer the NXE400. From May 26 to 28, at the National Exhibition & Convention Center (NECC) in Shanghai, China, attendees can visit booth K49 and experience first-hand how Nexa3D’s end to end solution slashes prototyping and production cycles from days and hours to just minutes, while reducing costs by as much as 85%.

At the event, Nexa3D’s booth will feature its NXE400 Industrial 3D printer along with a new class of functional polymers that increases printing productivity by 20X. Visitors can also experience Nexa3D’s expanding range of intelligent post processing solutions and witness the unveiling of its XWash automated washing station. The company also plans to demonstrate its recently introduced XCure station, designed to work seamlessly with the NXE400 and NXD 200 to ensure optimal curing of all photoplastic-based resins. The company will be showcasing some of its most recent customer success in dental, medical, automotive, aerospace and industrial applications.

As Nexa3D continues to expand into China’s rapidly growing 3D printing market, TCT Asia provides an opportunity to personally connect with Chinese manufacturers, as well as to demonstrate live how its additive manufacturing solutions serve more like time machines than 3D printers. At TCT Asia, the company is excited to team up with leading technology distributor VSTECS, which boasts vast experience in the Asia Pacific market. VSTECS will be joining Nexa3D on the booth, to provide support for interested designers, engineers and manufacturers.

“At Nexa3D, we are passionate about digitizing the supply chain sustainably,” explained Michele Marchesan, CRO at Nexa3D. “Our technology takes the speed of additively manufacturing plastic parts from dial-up to broadband, opening the aperture to a new range of functional polymers.”

“China is one of the largest and fastest growing manufacturing markets in the world and is currently witnessing a digital transformation throughout its entire industrial ecosystem,” added Chen Tao, vice president of machine and peripheral product business group at VSTECS. “Participating in this important event with Nexa3D is a great opportunity to demonstrate our joint commitment to solving the most pressing challenges facing Chinese industrial businesses. Manufacturers are under huge pressure to provide greater design agility and vastly reduce lead time for high volume plastic part production that meets or exceeds the quality of injection molding.”

Based in California, Nexa3D manufactures the world’s fastest polymer 3D printers. Its mission is to shatter traditional productivity barriers and it already produces technology capable of printing up to eight liters per hour. The company is also committed to the circular economy — its machines and materials minimize process waste and reduce energy consumption per part, helping industries reduce their carbon footprint.

To see the 3D printing revolution in action, visit Nexa3D at booth K49. If you’re not in Shanghai this month, you can still visit Nexa3D at its virtual showroom here.

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