Nexa3D and CASTOR launch automated 3D printing decision support platform

Nexa3D has announced the availability of an automated 3D printing decision support portal powdered by CASTOR.

Ximplify is CAD agnostic and scans through a list of polymer materials and parts to select ideal applications for additive manufacturing. The partners believe the software platform will help manufacturers ensure part performance, production consistency, higher yields, and a reduction in material usage and energy consumption per part.

Available immediately, Ximplify is said to boast ‘fast identification’ of tooled plastic parts candiates for 3D printing, while also delivering ‘immediate opportunities’ to reduce assembly complexity by consolidating parts. It is also capable of estimating part costs, taking into consideration printer productivity and production yields, and calculate return on investment by factoring in the entire investment to transition from tooled to digital production.

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