Matters At ParaMatters


During my visit last month to Ventura, California to see operations inside XponentialWorks, I spent a good deal of time talking 3D printing, including with SLA-focused Nexa3D and SLS-focused NXT Factory. An important segment of the industry, though, is software, and it is here that ParaMatters shines under the XponentialWorks umbrella.


To get a good part out of a 3D printer, you need to put a good design in. To get that good design — well, that’s where the software comes into play.

One of the big buzz words (phrases) in the industry today is “generative design”, in which the software itself helps in generating the design, working through possibilities and permutations faster than a human designer — or even a team of them — ever could. These designs are advanced, leveraging the complexities of geometry and lightweighting made possible with additive manufacturing processes. They often look nothing like what a person would have designed, with more ‘honeycomb’ and other futuristic-looking features that are also somewhat similar to those seen in nature, such as internal bone structures.

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