Formnext 2019: 3D Printing Industry Experts Identify Key Trends, Themes and Vital Takeaways

Formnext 2019 provided ample opportunity to understand trends in additive manufacturing, inspect the latest technology and most importantly speak directly with leaders in the 3D printing industry. 

The 3D Printing Industry team spent the week in Frankfurt and by all accounts managed to visit the majority of booths at this vast show.

Trends on display at formnext 2019 were apparent in terms of size, both in the sense of the show itself, and also the scale of the systems emerging to meet growing demand from manufacturers seeking higher throughput. Sustainability was a topic on the lips of many, as the additive manufacturing industry seeks to ensure this relatively young sector leads not only in technology but also in environmental awareness.

Also at formnext 2019, it was apparent that multinational chemical companies are moving to establish themselves as a brand for AM in their own right – whereas previously their products would be used in materials – the fact they are entering the market suggests opportunity is growing. Finally, applications of additive manufacturing were abundant at the show, but are these what end-users require? 

I asked formnext 2019 attendees and exhibitors for their highlights of the show. 

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