Evonik partners with NXT Factory to develop material portfolio as Quantum Laser Sintering technology is commercialised

Evonik has partnered with NXT Factory to establish its Quantum Laser Sintering (QLS) on the market with a corresponding material portfolio.

It comes as NXT Factory announces the commercial availability of its QLS350 platform ahead of Formnext.

The strategic focus of Evonik and NXT Factory’s collaboration the development of ‘ready-to-use’ high-performance materials, with the chemical expert’s high-temperature PA 613 already scheduled for release on the QLS 350 in early 2020. NXT Factory is bringing to market its QLS technology to address the move from prototyping to low and medium volume production and can already support PA12 and PA6-6 powders.

With the QLS350 system now commercially available, the plan is to move quickly to expand the range of materials available to users. NXT Factory saw Evonik, with its wealth of expertise and experience in high-performance polymer powders, as a suitable partner to ensure that happens.

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