Egor Korneev

Entrepreneur In Residence

Egor Korneev is anentrepreneur in residence at XponentialWorks. He works to merge the appliedArtificial Intelligence research with practical needs of corporate clients andportfolio companies. Korneev has developed experience commercializingtechnologies at the edge of innovation while working in startups andestablished companies for 20 years. He is a founder and CEO of Ordinal Science,a research and innovation hub for industry and non-profits. The company isfocused on developing impactful AI solutions that advance the capabilities ofthe industry and the potential of humanity. Korneev is also a co-founder and aformer COO of LoadTrek, a developer of IoT, telematics, and software systemsfor transportation and logistics industries. Korneev maintains a range ofprofessional interests spanning mathematics, operations research, neuralnetwork topologies, and application of AI for social good. He is a speaker ontopics of advanced technology, algorithmic fairness, transparency andaccountability in machine learning.