Harnessing the Power of the Additive Manufacturing Community to Deliver Rapid Covid-19 Solutions

These are unprecedented times. COVID-19 is creating uncertainty and fear across the globe, and the outlook is changing at lightning speed. The future feels perhaps more uncertain than ever, and at XponentialWorks, we are committed to using our innovation, agility and vast generative and additive technology resources to help be part of the task force that delivers rapid solutions.

At XponentialWorks, we never run away from challenges, we run towards them. And there has perhaps never been a challenge like this one. We would like to share with you a few ways that we are working together as a community to overcome this threat.

Current XponentialWorks Projects

Our portfolio companies are hard at work creating solutions that can be used by our incredible and committed healthcare workers and other essential professionals on the ground, all of whom deserve our praise, admiration and unyielding support. 3D printing, which offers complexity for free and near-instantaneoussolutions for shortages and supply-chain breakdowns, is a vital and essential resource that we are eager to contribute. 


Test Swab: Manufacturing capacity of 500,000/week

Face Shields: Manufacturing Capacity for 10,000/week

NXT Factory

Face Shields: Manufacturing capacity for 10,000/week


Ventilator Splitter Valves Case Study


Download a file for 3D Knitted Reusable 3D Knit Face Mask with Disposable Filter


Free Covid-19 Generative Design Tools

Community Resources and Tools

We believe that to effectively fight Covid-19 with 3D Printing there is no time for firewalls. We encourage everyone to be part of the 3D printing crowdsourced solutions by joining the NIH3DPrintExchange to coordinate how we can match available capacity and ingenuity with rising demand by staying connected with AmericaMakes. Also check out the FabFoundation where some of the most advanced rapid projects are happening. Looking for a 3D printer near you? Click on 3DNearMe and connect with capacity close by.

Crisis management business resources

During this challenging period, we are offering our services and advice on navigating your business through the coronavirus chaos, including useful guides and webinar series with industry leaders that are working through this together. We’re available for consultations, questions or just to lend an ear.

There has never been a more urgent time for us to unite and build. So, let’s come together, because when we’re united, the possibilities for growth and innovation, even in times of crisis, multiply exponentially.

For further advice and consultation please get in touch with us:


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