Arcimoto and XponentialWorks lightweight Fun Utility Vehicle using DfAM

Corporate advisory company XponentialWorks, which specializes in 3D printing, AI and other next-gen technologies, is turning its focus to the road through a new partnership with electric vehicle company Arcimoto. Together, the companies are producing lightweight 3D printed components for Arcimoto’s Fun Utility Vehicle (FUV) with the aim of reducing costs and improving performance, efficiency and environmental friendliness.

The joint project, which leverages 3D printing as well as ParaMatters’ unique generative design software, CogniCAD, will explore the potential of using DfAM to lightweight parts for Arcimoto’s FUV. If the project proves to be a success, the electric vehicle company will consider integrating more lightweighted components to replace traditionally manufactured parts in its electric vehicles. Decreasing the overall weight of its vehicles will lead to better battery efficiency (traveling more miles on a single charge), as well as better acceleration and handling.

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