AI Represents the Next Exponential Leap in Manufacturing

bWe’re living in the most exciting period in recorded human history. Almost everybody on the planet will have access to technology, as well as the means, the skills, and the tools to be part of a global transformation.

While universal personal empowerment is a significant part of that evolution, the same groundbreaking changes are on the horizon for business. The manufacturing industry is on the brink of connected and adaptive factories, the culmination of decades’ worth of development in the fields of artificial intelligence, sensors, robotics, and 3D printing.

Of course, robotics and 3D printing represent the nimble and capable arms and legs of this new manufacturing paradigm, while sensors represent the insight-harvesting eyes and ears. But AI is the brains of the operation, tying everything together and unleashing truly innovative capabilities for almost every activity and use case.

That’s because, for the first time, we have the capacity to apply deep learning to data we’ve collected for decades. It’s information that can’t be digested and analyzed by humans, but with infinite computing power in the cloud, ubiquitous sensor connectivity, and high-speed data acquisition, we can analyze and understand it in new ways.