Seed and scale category leaders that are computing and actuating the Internet-of-Everything.

The race to capture the next generation of manufacturing and connectivity is already under way. With a careful and deliberate hand, we guide and fund early-stage companies that are computing and actuating the internet of everything. Our network and experience are the tools we use to catalyze each class of our investment portfolio.

Capitol is one ingredient to helping a company make it to the market. It isn’t everything and the most seasoned CEOs know that an investor that is hands-off is only as useful as their capital. We are more than our money.Our hands-on approach with our startups means working with them, shoulder to shoulder from determining the business model, market analysis, customer acquisition and helping them lead their next round.

A map can get you to your destination. A guide will be with you on the journey, navigating you around the pitfalls of an early business. An active investor is a partner and a position of trust.  

“XponentialWorks encourages you to share in our experience and be apart of the technological sprint we are on. Be it in additive manufacturing, IoT or , our job is about sharing the great tools developed under our roof with the world and be an impact throughout the globe.”