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This edition of our 3D printing news digest Sliced asks the following questions: Is advanced manufacturing destined to destroy jobs? Will 3D printing benefit from trade wars between the US, Europe and China? How is bioprinting advancing and what are the latest career moves and opportunities across the 3D printing industry?

Also, 3D printing news from Siemens, Stratasys. ExOne, Massivit, Laser Lines, CELLINK, Formlabs and other enterprises in the additive manufacturing sector.

3D printing and trade wars

Professor Joshua M. Pearce, of the Materials Science and Engineering dept at Michigan Technological University has written an in depth analysis of how the looming trade war between the US, China, and Europe could impact the use of 3D printing.

Writing in EconTimes, Prof. Pearce discusses that barriers to trade such as tariffs could turn out to be of benefit to the proliferation of additive manufacturing. The argument runs that onshoring production due to more expensive imports may be aided by localised manufacturing, for example using 3D printing.

Past research by Prof. Pearce and his group has shown how to make money from 3D printing and also identified cost savings available to consumers.

The digital manufacturing expert concludes, “The trade war may drive manufacturing back to the United States – just not in the way [Donald Trump] predicted,” concludes Prof. Pearce.

3D Printing Industry asked experts for their perspective on how the trade war will affect 3D printing, read the responses now. Let us know your thoughts on this topic.

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