3D Printer Maker Reaches North American Distribution Agreement

3D printer maker Nexa3D on Thursday announced an agreement with additive manufacturing supplier Dynamism in hopes of expanding its North American distribution.

Under the partnership, Chicago-based Dynamism will lead North American channel sales for the Southern California company and enable Nexa3D to access Dynamism’s customer base.

“We’re thrilled to partner with a company of such caliber, reputation, and demonstrated performance,” Nexa3D Executive Chairman and CEO Avi Reichental said in a statement.

The companies said Nexa3D’s stereolithography production printers — which use its own Lubricant Sublayer Photo-curing technology — will offer six times faster printing speeds and 2.5 times more build volume than rival printers. Nexa3D’s flagship printer, the NXE400, can print up to 16 liters at up to 1 centimeter per minute, officials said. 

The printers will also accommodate automation systems and reduce the time needed to produce functioning prototypes. 

Dynamism executives said the introduction of Nexa3D’s system would allow engineers to develop unprecedented applications and workflows.

“Watching detailed parts get created in minutes definitely feels like the future,” founder and CEO Douglas Krone said in the announcement.

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