XponentialWorks Portfolio brings its capabilities to CES 2019

XponentialWorks startups and corporate partners will exhibit in Vehicle Technology, 3D Printing and Enterprise Solutions

XponentialWorks is proud to have a strong showing of its corporate partners and portfolio companies exhibiting at CES 2019 in Las Vegas, January 8-11, 2019.

XponentiaWorks impact and presence can be found in the Vehicle Technology zone with Techniplas, Nexa3D, Paramatters and Apollo, in the 3D Printing zone with Nexa3D, and in the Enterprise Solutions zone with AgTech company Centaur.

  • Techniplas plans to unveil a unique concept vehicle that is packed with its most advanced lightweighting and additive manufacturing capabilities, including a tailing suspension arm boasting a 48 percent weight reduction, several tire rim designs, and seat backs. Additionally, the company will exhibit a first of its kind cognitively-lit sunroof that is programmable and designed to demonstrate how car surfaces are transitioning from core functionality into expanded human-to-machine interfaces. The concept vehicle exhibits the expanding capabilities of the company’s Techniplas Prime proprietary e-manufacturing platform. To learn more about Techniplas new capabilities, visit techniplas.com. See Techniplas at CES in the Vehicle Tech zone: LVCC, North Hall – 9320.
  • Nexa3D plans to exhibit how its LSPc technology is breaking the speed and size barrier for digital plastics with its NXE 400 ultra-fast Stereolithography production printer, the fastest, largest and most affordable production-grade 3D printer on the market. Printing continuously at up to 16 liters of build volume in a single build at a print speed of up to 1z cm per minute, the NXE 400 compresses printing time from hours to minutes. The NXE 400 comes with a wide range of production-grade, castable and dental materials. To learn more about Nexa 3Ds new products, visit nexa3d.com. Come see Nexa3D demonstrate its high speed printing capabilities in the following booths:
  • ParaMatters delivers the most powerful generative design software for traditional and additive manufacturing that works autonomously by leveraging proprietary machine learning and topology optimization. The company plans to launch its next generation CogniCAD solution; a cloud-based generative design platform, which compiles lightweight structures and meta-materials (lattices) on demand, while automating and shortening the design-to-manufacturing process. ParaMatters CogniCAD solution has a unique mesostructural design that achieves biomimicry by blending topology optimization with optimal porosity. To learn more about ParaMatters new products, visit paramatters.com. See Paramatters in the Techniplas Booth in the Vehicle Tech zone: LVCC, North Hall – 9320.
  • Apollo Robotics – a leading provider of affordable unmanned drone solutions. The company’s proprietary technology platform enables the digitization of an entire worksite integrating multi-sensing and deep learning technologies that are mission-critical to deliver an industry first affordable and surveyor friendly full-stack process. By combining state-of-the-art LiDAR, HD cameras, and thermal cameras with artificial intelligence, Apollo can quickly digitize and reconstruct any worksite into a highly accurate 3D model from a single scan. For more information about Apollo click or visit https://www.apollorobotics.ai/.  See Apollo Robotis in the Techniplas booth in the Vehicle Tech zone: LVCC, North Hall – 9320.
  • Centaur is dedicated to perfecting global food quality, enabling abundance and reducing waste. Founded by leading experts and entrepreneurs in the fields of electronics, agronomy and cognitive technologies, Centaur is delivering award-winning, innovative technology to transform the traditional “food supply chain” into a Post-Harvest Quality Chain. To learn more about Centaur’s post-harvest IoT platform, visit www.centaur.ag. At CES, we invite you to visit Centaur in the Enterprise Solutions zone, Westgate Booth 301.
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