The personalities of additive manufacturing in 2018

3D printing has grown exponentially in recent years, much of this growth is due to the people who are behind the technological developments and large companies in the industry. Because of this, we have followed the personalities of additive manufacturing that have marked a before and after in the industry during 2018. We present the list of names that drive the main innovations within the industry. Do not miss our selection of personalities of 2017, many of which continued to stand out during this year.

Avi Reichental – Nano Dimension, Nexa3D, Techniplas etc.

Avi Reichental is one of the personalities of additive manufacturing known since the beginning of 3D technologies being developed. After more than 12 years of being at the head of 3D Systems, he bid farewell to the giant to start his solo journey back in 2015. Now, 3 years after his departure, it has lead to him being behind multiple international projects within 3D printing. Among them a couple stands out such as Nexa 3D, which this year presented its new 3D printer specialising in the development of spare parts. Avi is also CEO of Techniplas, a professional 3D printing services company in the United States; and collaborates with the Nano Dimension project , a company specialising in micro-scale additive manufacturing. He is, without a doubt, one of the personalities of additive manufacturing that will keep making history within the industry.

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