The Airbnb of Auto Manufacturing

Techniplas Prime is the only one-stop shop automotive design-to-manufacturing service that instantly connects engineers and designers to the optimal manufacturing solution at the best price across a wide range of capabilities worldwide.

What was the genesis of Techniplas Prime?

Techniplas Prime was originally conceived as an e-manufacturing platform by Techniplas Founder and Chairman George Votis over five years ago. It was designed so that manufacturers could electronically order the parts they needed according to their specifications from local factories who couldn’t provide the scale or certifications that larger, more established companies could offer. With Techniplas Prime, car manufacturers have the capacity to order parts more quickly, efficiently and cost effectively while suppliers that would otherwise be unused can now offer their services. 

This is why I call Techniplas Prime the Airbnb of auto manufacturing. In the same way that people can find a place for the night at a lower price without going to a hotel, auto manufacturers can find local part manufacturers to provide parts at a lower cost without going to a larger, more expensive manufacturer that is perhaps located farther away. 

It was a great invention that served clients well and has enabled the production of 40 million parts per year for BMW, Daimler, Ford, and other top-tier auto manufacturers. That’s the equivalent of 1000 truckloads of car parts being produced per month – all without opening a single new production facility.

I had the thought of combining the platform with 3D printing and AI-assisted generative design to make parts that could be made lighter and using less material. By doing this, Techniplas could deliver customized, lightweighted parts featuring complex designs that would not otherwise be available through conventional manufacturing procedures.

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