“The Airbnb of Auto Manufacturing” Offers Advanced Supply Chain Solutions For Automakers

Lodging for hire has been available since before the dawn of history, from the inns and hostelries and public houses of yesteryear to today’s motels and hotels. Similarly, contract manufacturers have been around… well, almost as long as manufacturing itself. With the advent of advanced manufacturing, such as 3-D printing, the newer version known as service bureaus has popped up as well.

Airbnb came along and offered travelers the opportunity to get lower prices and better service, along with better proximity to where they wanted to be, from less-established service providers, including private homes. Now Techniplas Prime has started to do the same thing for automotive companies looking for the best solutions for their manufacturing services needs, by leveraging the idle 3-D printing capacity of small manufacturers.

Techniplas Prime was first envisioned by George Votis, founder of parent company Techniplas, LLC, headquartered in Nashotah, Wisconsin, just outside Milwaukee. They’re a supplier of molded parts to the automotive industry that was founded in 2010, but which has since acquired several other molding companies originating as far back as 1930. Votis saw Techniplas Prime as an e-manufacturing platform from which customers could order parts electronically according to their own specifications, and have them built by local factories with unused capacity.

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