Techniplas Taps Ultra-Fast Stereolithography 3D Printer Maker Nexa3D to Its Open Innovation Program

Techniplas, a leading global design and manufacturing provider of automotive products and services, announced today, that Nexa3D, the maker of ultra-fast stereolithography professional-grade 3D printers, joined its growing open innovation program as a full member. As part of this collaboration, Techniplas plans to deploy 30 Nexa3D printers throughout its manufacturing facilities worldwide.

As part of its industry 4.0 preparedness, Techniplas plans to provide nonstop live demonstrations of the game changing NXV3D printer at CES 2018 in Las Vegas, Nevada, January 9-12, 2018. Show attendees are invited to experience how Nexa3D’s technology is making additive manufacturing attractive to the automotive industry at Techniplas booth #9100 in the Las Vegas Convention Center.

Nexa3D printers are powered by proprietary Lubricant Sublayer Photo-curing (LSPc) technology and patented structured light matrix capable of reaching top speeds of 1 cm per minute, drastically reducing 3D printing cycles of precision functional parts from hours to minutes. Nexa3D believes its technology is uniquely capable of achieving uniform high-speed and high-resolution printing at convincing injection molding properties, size and scale.

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Source: Yahoo Finance

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