Techniplas: Combining Additive Manufacturing (AM), Generative Design, and AI to Explore Lightweighting

What do you get when you combine additive manufacturing (AM), generative design, and artificial intelligence (AI)? The answer might be found in Techniplas Prime, an e-manufacturing portal from Techniplas, a Tier 1 automotive supplier.

“We’ve been practicing traditional lightweighting methods—for example, material substitution like replacing a metal structure with composites. But in the last one and a half year or so, our partnership with ParaMatters allowed us to incorporate generative design and topology optimization, so now, for projects awarded to Techniplas, we can look at all these lightweighting opportunities,” said Avi Reichental, CEO of Techniplas Digital.

With online mechanisms for instant quote and CAD file submission, Techniplas Prime has the look and feel of on-demand service providers. “This is not so much for on-demand but for ongoing automotive part supply,” clarified Reichental.

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