By providing domain expertise in both exponential-tech and business model innovation, XponentialWorks guides mature organizations’ through their digital transformation; taking them from the edge to the core of their business.

Our collider is a unique environment that brings together some of the most promising early stage companies in the field of Generative and Additive Design and Manufacturing, AI, and Connected World and Autonomous Robotics Technologies with mature stage companies that are seeking the very technologies these startups have for their own digital transformation. Our mature corporations get unparalleled access to tomorrow’s disruptors and our early stage entrepreneurs get a fast track to market validation and scale.

Our Collider is exclusive to our partner companies and features the best that accelerators and incubators have to offer, under the care of an experienced operating team. We catalyze organic collisions amongst our resident entrepreneurs who are wrestling with similar scaling challenges for their businesses.

Technology Leaders meet
expert business solutions

Supported by a full services platform including shared resources for business development and a global market launchpad, the Collider is designed to compress our portfolio companies’ time to monetize at a convincing scale.

We attract companies that are looking to harvest the upside of the tremendous technology disruption, specifically in cognitive systems, 3D printing, and robotics. We are looking for strong co-founding teams who think big and have the chops to make the audacious achievable.


Product Development & Management
Fundraising Preparation & Execution
Branding, Marketing & Creative Services
Digital Transformation & Change Management
HQ Presence for Asia-Pacific and European Companies

Sectors We Work In

Autonomous Robotics
Deep Learning
Additive Manufacturing
Industry 4.0 preparedness

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Seed and scale category leaders that are computing and actuating the Internet-of-Everything.
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Open innovation platform that curates and collides the best of early stage tech and agility with mature stage scale and access the market as a force multiplier to harvest the upside of disruption.
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Bring about Industry 4.0 preparedness to mature organization through guided digital transformation from the edge to the core.
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