3D Printed Crowns and Bridges Might be Closer Than You Think

While 3D printing has had a meteoric rise in dentistry for surgical guides, clear aligners, models, and other non-permanent intraoral applications, the Achilles heel has been developing a material with properties suitable for fixed prosthodontics. Well, it may be sooner than later now.

Long-term testing is ongoing for a material that is already cleared in Europe for 3D-printed long-term TEMPORARY crowns and bridges. Named Temporis, the material was developed by Italian stereolithography pioneer DWS Systems. DWS delivers advanced photopolymer additive manufacturing systems, materials, and digital tools.

We sat down with Avi Reichenthal, vice chairman of DWS and vice chairman of Techniplas. DWS is developing its entire portfolio of 3D printing products within Techniplas’ Open Innovation Center in Ventura, California.

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Source: Dental Product Shopper