Techniplas Expands its Open Innovation Program With Grupo Sicnova, a Recognized Provider of Industrial Large Format 3D Printers


Techniplas, a leading global design and manufacturing provider of automotive products and services, today announced that Grupo Sicnova, a recognized provider of large format industrial grade 3D printers has joined Techniplas’ expanding open innovation program as a full member. As part of this partnership, Sicnova will deliver several of its flagship, large format 3D printers to Techniplas’ Additive Manufacturing Innovation Center in Ventura, Calif. With Sicnova joining the open innovation program, Techniplas will be provided with the opportunity to expand its capabilities range, which evolves the company from a traditional manufacturer of jigs and tools, to a functional part manufacturer for larger prototypes.

The Sicnova flagship JCR 1000 3D printer combines the robustness and superior capabilities of industrial grade printers with advanced engineered materials and the ability to print large objects of up to 1000X600X600 mm at speeds of 1000 mm/hour and accuracy of 50 microns. Hardware includes a controlled print chamber with a heated bed, auto levelling calibration and precision, industrial motor controllers. It boasts twin 1.75mm printheads with interchangeable nozzles that deliver exceptional surface quality and accuracy.

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Source: PR Newswire